Although our conference is coming to an end, surprises make women feel “…as in Heaven”. [push h=”15″]

March 7, the third day of the conference was unique as women and girls were dressed in white to testify before Heaven and earth that they are the daughters of Christ.[push h=”15″]

Rita Avetisyan, Olga Deremova and Eva Moberg shared the Word of God with women.[push h=”15″]

The first preacher, Pastor Rita mentioned in her sermon that only a single meeting with God is enough to radically change our lives. That is exactly what happened to Mary Magdalene out of whom Jesus cast out seven demons.[push h=”15″]

Emphasizing the importance of loving Jesus, Pastor Rita noted that first of all Jesus appears to those who love Him, and it was not by chance that Mary Magdalene was the first to see the empty tomb and the Risen Christ. This woman was full of love for Christ, and the Word of God dwelt in her heart.[push h=”15″]

Pastor Rita urged women not to get discouraged because of difficulties, because if we keep His Word in our hearts and love Him we will have the strength to overcome any situation.[push h=”15″]

Comparing two Bible heroines, Sarah and Hagar with each other, Olga Deremova called on women to reject slave mentality. An escape does not deliver a woman from her problems. However, looking at the Word of God, a woman can “turn into a Mistress Sarah from the slave Hagar”.[push h=”15″]

Eva Moberg preached about having a prayer life, urging women to always believe in God who answers their prayers. “If you stop believing, you will stop praying”, – noted she. God is good and His mercy endures forever. He is always ready to talk to us, if only we turn to Him.[push h=”15″]

The service was followed by a long break which was instructive for mothers with children under 5 years old. Pastor Lusine Simonyan conducted a seminar for them speaking about the intricacies of bringing up children of that age.[push h=”15″]

On March 7 we also had a church service which was open for men too. This time there was a surprise for all of us: Arvid Pettersen, a famous Christian singer, sang two wonderful songs with his worship team after which Olga Deremova continued to serve us sharing her message.[push h=”15″]

The sermon, along with a testimony from her own life, was about a revival and new desire for God. Recalling a few episodes from her life, she pointed out that God can raise a strong generation within a very short period of time even from the most neglected and “emaciated” people.[push h=”15″]

Using the example of Elijah, she noted that prayer is the key to revival. “If you want to see “rain”, normalize your prayer life and you will see great miracles that the Lord will perform in your country and city”, – mentioned Olga Deremova.[push h=”15″]

When in certain circumstances we lose our first love and longing for God, the Lord gives us a new spirit, desire and freshness through our prayer.[push h=”15″]