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Who are the Jews? Why do we often come across the word “Israel” in the Bible? These and similar questions were answered during the youth service on April 8. [push h=”15″]

The service was held in a “Question & Answer” format. The questions were answered by our much-loved Bagrat Bekchyan and Diana Hayriyan, while the conversation was conducted by Gaspar Vardanyan. This time the service was different from the usual youth services, as young people also had an opportunity to ask questions that they were interested in via messages.[push h=”15″]

Speaking about the role and significance of the Jewish people, they clarified some phenomena that are incomprehensible for most of us. “Israel is our clock”, – noted Bagrat Bekchyan, pointing out Biblical prophecies concerning Israel and the second coming of Christ. Following the historical process of Israel, we can say that the coming of Christ is near.[push h=”15″]

According to His promise, God has always restored and maintained the Jews, when they corrected their ways and bowed before Him. Diana Hayriyan, one of the servants of our church, said that the Lord’s will is to see Christians participate in the restoration of the Jews. When asked: “What is the right attitude and approach of the Christ’s Church to the Jews?”, they answered: “Praying for the salvation of the Jews”.[push h=”15″]

The Word of God says that the hearts of the Jews were hardened so that through their unbelief we, the Gentiles, could receive salvation. However, the Lord’s will is for every person to enjoy God’s mercy, regardless of nationality or age and gender restrictions.